Pan-Straits Legal, LLP

A law firm for oil and gas producers and investors

Pan-Straits Legal, LLP is a law firm that represents producers, investment funds, independent sponsors and family offices in the exploration and production (upstream) sector of the oil and gas industry (onshore and offshore, U.S. and international), including as de facto general counsel. The firm handles a broad spectrum of transactional, regulatory, dispute resolution and government enforcement defense work, and certain niche capital markets services.

When you engage Pan-Straits Legal, LLP, you receive high-end legal advice derived from years of experience with investor-backed oil and gas ventures. On any given day, we might be drafting a farmout agreement for an operator, formulating a net profits interest bonus plan for a management team, handling a production payment financing for a producer, structuring a special purpose vehicle for a family office, or preparing a private placement memorandum for a drilling or royalty fund.

Across all of these engagements, we bring the experience and creative thinking necessary to help our clients realize their goals. Our value-based billing can save clients up to 40% on their bills, and hybrid fee arrangements (deferred fees (ORRI) plus hourly or fixed fees) align our remuneration with our clients' success. Comprehensive and limited subscription-based billing solutions are also available.