Pan-Straits Services, LLC

Private equity’s bridge to direct oil and gas investment.

A majority of direct oil and gas investment occurs through non-operated ventures (NOVs) with operator partners. Successful NOVs require solid due diligence, well-structured joint ventures (JVs) and partners working in harmony. Pan-Straits Services, LLC offers a unique non-operated venture-as-a-service model (NOVaaS) for funds, family offices and public companies that wish to participate in upstream oil and gas through NOVs.

We can help clients to quickly due diligence, structure and secure JVs and with NOV infrastructure and portfolio management. Pan-Straits Service’s alliance with Glenloch Energy, LLC, an experienced independent petroleum consultant based in Houston, TX, provides commercial, technical and operational capabilities.

The NOVaaS role is bespoke. However, the suggested focus is on finding the right operators and assets. Operators should be required to demonstrate a high level of experience with the relevant asset or play, the ability to understand and apply proven technologies, a history of productivity and efficiency, and strong safety and environmental credentials. It is further recommended that venture risk and commercial and economic uncertainties be fully analyzed, and a clear exit strategy devised from the outset of each NOV.